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Pink Moon was born in 2009 with the goal of creating a concept of Pyjamas with quality, design and confort.

The brand is owned by Only You, which by their vast experience and location in one of the largest clusters in the European textile sector, seeks to answer the constant demands of the market , with a product of high quality sleepwear.

All its design, raw materials, development and production are remarkably « Made in Portugal », which has revealed a strong added value worldwide.

Our ambition is to be present at different stages of the modern woman's life and therefore we created three distinct lines: funny, mum and secret.

FUNNY line favors the relaxation that the end of the day requires, combining a casual and elegant design, made with comfortable and practical materials.

In a most sensitive and delicate life stage, MUM line offers a sleepwear focused on wellness , creating a specific and appropriate design for this time of a woman's life, providing her with the highest level of confort.

The SECRET line values ​​and enhances a woman's body, with an irreverent design by using bold materials designed for other moments of life.

Based on a line of continuous improvement, Pink Moon is in the process of implementation of the Certificate Okeo - Tex, further enhancing the final product that we intend to offer our clients, ensuring compliance with stringent security parameters, by the non-usage of harmful materials to health.